ZEE has unveiled its technology and innovation center in Bangalore

Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. (ZEEL) has launched its technology and innovation center in Bangalore. Inaugurated by Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bomai, the center will be 80,000 feet wide and will be the hub of the company for building a strong team of technology, data and talent.

For decades, the state of Karnataka has maintained its position as the country’s technology capital and its capital city Bangalore has now become the country’s Silicon Valley, said Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bomai. “It is difficult to replicate the ecosystem that Bangalore has created and no one has created it except the citizens of the city. I am confident that the Center for Technology and Innovation established by ZEE will help accelerate the growth potential of the state. Public-private partnerships are essential for the growth and long-term success of any state and we will ensure that we continue to work hand in hand with ZEE on this journey, ”he added.

According to the company, through the capabilities built into this center, Zee wants to use behavioral and received data to personalize content and delivery, thereby increasing its reach across the platform. The center will build a metaverse network for the company using AR, VR and NFT-led delivery models and will focus on a future technology stack that will enable ubiquitous distribution of entertainment across the platform.

“At the Tech & Innovation Center, we are building ZEE’s capabilities to take advantage of digital technology to improve our reach and connect our customers anytime, anywhere across any device. We’ve been at the forefront of creating engaging content for over 1.3 billion viewers and are currently focusing on building a Web 3.0 entertainment platform. The center will build the metavars future of ZEE with AR, VR, NFTs and relevant data models on our digital platform, ”said Nitin Mittal, President-Technology and Data, ZEE.

For ZEE, an integral part of its people-centered approach has become an integral part of the evolution into a global content company where presence in more than 190 countries provides quality content that has reached 1.3 billion viewers across multiple platforms and languages. As part of the ZEE 4.0 strategy, the company aims to improve and expand its digital footprint as it continues to communicate with the world community and redefines the future of entertainment using an innovation-led, technology-centric strategy.

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