World Hypertension Day: Hypertension can be controlled; Bring these

Written by Pooja Makkar

World Hypertension Day: India is a country with a high incidence of high blood pressure. But half of the victims of high blood pressure in India do not know that they have contracted the disease. This information has come up in the recently published National Family Health Survey of India.

High blood pressure becomes the gateway to many diseases, but the most dangerous attack on the heart. It gives no warning and is usually detected when a heart attack has occurred or is about to occur. But wait! We have not come to give you tension on the occasion of World Hypertension Day. In fact, G Business tells you how to control BP.

According to international standards, 80-120 is considered the correct BP, but doctors allow it to go up and down by 10 points. If the blood pressure continues above 140, it is considered a dangerous sign.

High blood pressure is a disease that affects the heart, kidneys and brain. The biggest cause of high blood pressure is obesity – more than 35 inches in women and more than 40 inches in men.

The second cause of high blood pressure is eating too much salt. According to the World Health Organization, you should not eat more than 5 grams of salt per day. But pickles, sauces, paparazzi and packaged snacks in Indian food contain more salt than necessary. Salt is even used in the process of making sweet snacks. In addition, stress, alcohol and smoking and not exercising also increase blood pressure.

You know what Once you start taking blood pressure medication, you have to take it regularly. Not taking medication can be even more dangerous. Repeatedly missing blood pressure medications can lead to stroke, ie paralysis or bleeding from the brain.

However, some people with high blood pressure, whose disease is still out of control – may be permanently free from both disease and medication by changing their lifestyle. These include:
-Walking or workout 5 days a week
-Eat less salt, so much food that it looks cloudy.
– Good eating habits – meaning less bread, rice and more fruits and vegetables
– Abstain from alcohol and smoking
– Weight control

Note: After the age of 30, doctors recommend keeping a BP monitor at home so that you can check your BP from time to time.

By reducing salt in the diet, blood pressure can be reduced by 10 mm, do light exercise every day and control weight, then with these three things you can control blood pressure naturally. But if these methods are adopted before increasing the BP, then the results will be better.

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