WhatsApp will bring rich link previews in text status updates, reports say

WhatsApp users will be able to create rich link previews that allow both sender and recipient to check what the message is about and then choose whether to read it. WhatsApp has completed trials for the feature with the iOS platform, but will also begin testing on the Android platform. For beta users, WhatsApp may already see a preview when sharing a link to a text status update, but not a rich preview like the trial.

According to WhatsApp tracker website WABetaInfo, a new preview will add more details to the shared link. WhatsApp will definitely bring the same features to the WhatsApp beta for Android and desktops at a later date, the tracker website added.

WhatsApp is also tweaking the status update page with minor changes. Furthermore, WABetaInfo found that the meta-backed company moved the emoji, background, and text color options from the footer of the status page to the top right corner. While this does not affect users, the changes are obvious.

The second update is to make WhatsApp messages disappear. The app is working on a new role for invisible messages in future updates. WhatsApp has previously created a feature that allows people to make multiple chats disappear at once.

According to the tracker website, there will be a bookmark image to keep the messages that have disappeared even after their expiration. However, WhatsApp may not show this to users because this feature is not yet available. This role will probably appear after the feature is released to retrieve messages that have disappeared in future updates.

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