Uber will hire 500 engineers in India by the end of 2022

Uber Technologies on Wednesday said it plans to hire another 500 engineers in India by the end of 2022. The agency said the engineers would be hired across the board and not for any specific business purpose.

The announcement comes after the app-based mobility and distribution company became a 1,000-member strong technology team at its centers in Hyderabad and Bangalore.
India is the second largest technology hub for ride-hailing apps after the US. It recruited 250 engineers to its India team in 2021.

“Uber is looking for top-notch engineers, data scientists and program managers to join its global engineering and product team with the goal of building locally and scaling globally. We are excited about the possibility of presenting a rapidly evolving dynamic space, and will continue to lead innovation for our customers around the world, ”said Manikandan Thangarathanam, Senior Director, Engineering, Uber.

Uber further announced that it is currently piloting Uber buses, a new service that guarantees its customers a seat on an air-conditioned bus. It is currently being tested and tested in Delhi and Cairo, Egypt.

Uber will allow users to track their buses, share rides with family members and issue affordable monthly passes. It first launched in India in 2013 and has launched several services to date, Uber Bus being its latest expedition.

Recently, the government asked Uber, among its Indian competitors, among other cab aggregators, to explain to Ola how to deal with rental pricing algorithms, drivers’ payment structures, and so on.

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