To ensure ease of doing business, the government has launched a dynamic communication portal

In a bid to make it easier for telecom companies to do business, Telecom Minister Ashwini Vaishnav on Saturday launched the Gatishakti Sanchar portal.

According to the Minister, the portal has been launched to expedite the receipt of all kinds of approvals from the States, Union Territories and other departments. He also said that as the monitoring will be easier, real-time updates of 5G launches will also be possible.

The portal, Vaishnav said, would help in sharing the infrastructure and the state governments have facilitated several approvals for it, similarly, multiple form filings have also been reduced.

On average, it took 100 days for an approval, but now it has come down to 22 days, the telecom minister said, adding that it would speed up the integration process for broadband for all, as well as ministries, departments and any service provider could use the network.

In the next phase, a legal framework will be created for this, so that the work will be easier and can be done responsibly, the minister said. He said that with the advent of 5G there will be faster data transfer and this setup is necessary for transporting large amounts of data.

The telecom minister further confirmed that the 5G rollout would happen on time and the government was taking the schedule.

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