The tea industry is concerned about rising coal prices, the industry body says

Leading industry body Tea Association of India (TAI) on Monday flagged rising coal costs due to acute shortages that are affecting horticultural activity as an important input for production in North Bengal.

TAI said that since the North Bengal region does not have access to natural gas supply, which is found in the orchards of Upper Assam, the orchards of North Bengal face competitive advantage.

According to association sources, the issue of minimum wage in labor-intensive industries like tea is always higher than other less labor-intensive industries due to wages. According to estimates, labor costs due to wages are about 60 percent, much lower than in other labor-intensive sectors, TAI said.

TAI said that the West Bengal government, employers and employees were involved in the issue of fixing the minimum wage and through various submissions made by the industry, it called on the government to study the wage structure of tea workers and also the industry. Workers had to meet individual commitments in the form of cash payments such as rations, housing, health and education.

Regarding climate change, TAI also noted that the industry has witnessed a sharp decline in rainfall since October each year which makes gardens vulnerable to pest infestation. The association said that to address this problem, more irrigation facilities have been made available in the tea industry by tapping technological advances.

As tea production in North Bengal has increased, especially from small tea farmers. This raised the issue of tea exports to North Bengal. Preliminary estimates show that only 4 million kg of tea is exported from North Bengal and this number needs to be increased.

Referring to the welfare schemes of the government of West Bengal, TAI said that the program of providing shelter to the workers under the ‘Tea Sundari’ scheme is a welcome step.

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