The southwest monsoon winds come prematurely; Arrival in Kerala on June 1

On Monday, southwest monsoon winds reached the southern Andaman Sea, the Gulf Islands and the southeastern Bay of Bengal about a week earlier than the usual date of 22 May. According to a report by Skymet Weather, the monsoon has recently appeared in the region for the first time.

According to the revised date of onset of monsoon, it reaches mainland Kerala on June 1 after a gap of 10 days. However, there is no connection between arrival in the Bay Islands and the gateway state of Kerala.

Once deployed over the Andaman Sea, the monsoon is expected to reach Kerala on June 1 with military timing and is expected to be suspended or accelerated between Sri Lanka and the south-west Bay of Bengal, the report added.

With the exception of 2018, the monsoon currents have reached most of the time or earlier. However, further progress in reaching Kerala was widespread and included all possibilities – early, late and timely start.

The weather forecaster said that Kerala has a definite time-tested criteria for declaring rains, which include precipitation, wind type (direction, speed and depth) and outward wavelength radiation.

However, for its arrival at the 1st entry point for the Indian subcontinent, the Bay Islands, there are no criteria for announcing arrival as the criteria are largely thematic.

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