The human resources technology startup has raised USD 5 million in a round of funding led by Hono

Human resource technology startup Hono has raised USD 5 million (approximately Rs 39 crore) in a fundraising round led by Akash Chowdhury, managing director of test preparation company Akash + Baiju. The fundraising took place last week and the agency said in a statement.

Chowdhury invested 4 4 million in the round while Akash Educational Services Limited (AESL) raised মার্কিন 1 million from Hemant Sultania, Amit Khanna of Amaya Ventures and Harsh Gupta of Udayat Group from other private investors, a PTI report said.

Hono intends to use the new corpus of the fund to expand operations across India, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, increase market footprint and strengthen its product offerings, the company said in a statement.

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With more than 300 clients and more than 1 million employees, including Indigo Airlines, Spencers’s Retail, Kanmo Group, Dainik Bhaskar, Al Fardan Group, NBC Bearings, HDFC Bank, Medicover, Aakash + Byju’s, Hono claims that the financial time has doubled. 2022.

“We hope that HONO’s growth curve will widen further here. Also, we value a strong and constructive relationship with Hono,” Chowdhury said.

Through this investment, Chowdhury will join the company’s board of directors and be actively involved in conducting business activities.

“Akash Chowdhury and our investors make the journey to become a new group even more exciting. Their presence and this strategic investment not only restores our investors’ confidence in the business, but also restores our confidence and market confidence.” Mukul Jain says.

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