The government will introduce new star rating rules for the tire industry; Ratings for evaluation

Tire Star Rating: The government will soon come up with a new 5-star rating for the tire industry. For this, the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) has concluded discussions with the tire industry. Tires will be rated based on their ability to save fuel, ensure safety and prevent vehicle skidding.

It is believed that using tires with a 5-star rating can save up to 10 percent of fuel. It will also mention the safety and skid capability of the tires.

What will be the benefit?
According to ARAI, which comes under the Ministry of Heavy Industries, the new rules will make travel more comfortable than ever before. The purpose of introducing Star Rating is to ensure that the tire is more fuel efficient and reliable. This can reduce oil consumption by up to ten percent. These ratings will also give an idea of ​​how the tires grip on winding and winding roads. This rating will also provide information on how much fuel a tire saves.

Existing rules
Currently, BIS rules apply to tire quality. It shows the same level of quality, but customers do not know which tire they should buy. Because all tires come with a BIS certificate.

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