The anti-occupation campaign by Delhi-based civil society groups sparked protests, AAP MLA Amanatullah said.

Civil authorities on Thursday launched anti-occupation operations in various parts of Delhi, sparking violent protests in the Madanpur Khadar area where locals claimed the legal framework had been bulldozed. According to police, locals tried to stop the bulldozers at Madanpur Khadar in south-west Delhi and hurled stones at the security personnel but were chased away. AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan, who was part of a protest in Madanpur Khadar, was detained along with others, police officials said.

Khan, however, alleged that he had been arrested by the Delhi Police. “I was arrested by the Delhi Police. It can capture me, not my soul, ”he tweeted in Hindi. When the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) raided Madanpur Khadar and Dhirsen Marg, the North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) took action in Rohini and Karol Bagh. Delhi has three municipal corporations – South, East and North – ruled by the BJP.

Bulldozers surrounded by SDMC officials and police entered the Kanchan Kunj of Madanpur Khadar to destroy the alleged illegal installations, and locals, including women, gathered on the streets and above the building to protest the move.

The protesters were joined by Amanullah Khan and his supporters who chanted anti-BJP slogans.

Police said people hurled stones at security personnel but were chased away. Civil society officials in South Delhi said two to three illegal buildings and other temporary structures had been demolished in the Kanchan Kunj area of ​​Manadpur Khadar.

A senior police official said, “We have arrested AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan and others who had joined the protest with supporters and locals.” We have put in place adequate security measures to prevent any untoward incident. ” Security personnel were seen wearing helmets and holding sticks to disperse the crowd during the protest.
Locals complained that civic authorities had “taken money” to allow construction there and called the demolition move “politically motivated.”

Nowshad, 32, a resident of the area, said the demolition began at 11 a.m. and that his brother’s building was within the demolished structure.

“Along with the police, the civic body took the money and gave permission for the construction about 20 days ago. But in spite of that they broke it. My brother has plot papers bought from a farmer. Civic Body took 3 lakh rupees from my brother. They are not even ready to talk to us now, ”he claimed.

Another resident of the area told reporters that the action was “politically motivated”.

“There is no occupation here and even if the structure was built illegally, where was the SDMC when such a building was being constructed?” He pretended.

Earlier in the day, Khan had alleged that the raid on Madanpur Khaddar was against the poor as he had appealed to his supporters to reach out to the area to protest.

“I will not let the house of the poor be bulldozed. Arrest me if the house is saved from breaking. We are also against occupation. Tell us about them and we’ll remove it. There is no occupation here, ”said the AAP MLA. SDMC Central Zone Chairman Rajpal Singh, however, denied Khan’s allegations, saying the operation was against “mafias” who occupy government land.

“Our enforcement team and adequate police force and equipped with bulldozers and trucks have started removing illegal buildings, kiosks, temporary structures at Madanpur Khaddar. “We will continue our campaign against the occupation and will take action against anyone who obstructs it,” he told PTI.

The new measures are part of a growing anti-government campaign by civic groups since mid-April.

On April 20, an anti-siege operation was launched in Jahangirpuri which witnessed a communal clash during the Hanuman Jayanti procession in the area a few days ago. The operation was stopped on the orders of the Supreme Court.

In the following days, raids were carried out in areas like Shahinbagh, New Friends Colony, Dwarka and Najafgarh.

Also on Monday, AAP’s Amanullah Khan protested during an anti-occupation campaign in Shahinbagh. n An FIR was lodged against him for “obstructing” the practice of officers.
In North Delhi, a senior civil society official said, “We have got police and other personnel, and anti-occupation operations are being carried out in Rohini and Karol Bagh zones.” He said a section of KN Katju Marg in Rohini was being cleared of illegal temporary structures and measures were being taken against Prem Nagar in Patel Nagar.

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