Stocks to buy today: May 18 List of 20 stocks for profitable trading

Driven by the metal index, the Indian market ended up more than 2.5 per cent on Tuesday. The market has also received support from heavyweights and an aggressive rebound in the larger market. The benchmark Nifty 50 closed above 16,250 and the Sensex rose 1300 points as the domestic market extended its rally for the second day.

Asian markets, meanwhile, had mixed trading on Wednesday after rising on Tuesday. The Japanese Nikkei 225 traded up 87 points, with the Hang Seng index down nearly 150 points on the Hong Kong exchange, while the Chinese Shanghai Composite fell slightly to 8 points in the first trade.

Indications from the SGX Nifty were also negative as the futures index on the Singapore Exchange traded down 60 points at 7.40am on Wednesday.

Earlier, US markets were close to their day highs. The Dow Jones gained 400 points, the Nasdaq gained 300 points and the S&P 500 gained 81 points at the end of Friday.

As usual, the G Business Research team brings you a list of 20 stocks that can be purchased for strong returns on a short-term, positional and long-term basis. These stocks are selected from the Cash, F&O and Techno sections to help investors make money on their investments. Below is a list of stocks selected by our analysts Varun Dubey and Ashish Chaturvedi.

Varun Dubey Stock Picks
Buy Kamat Hotel Target 79 SL RS 73 Taka

The future
Sell ​​Dr. Lal Target 2050 SL RS 2150

Buy IOC 124 PE Target 4 SL RS 2

Kotak Bank Target 1890 Buy SL RS 1820

Buy Acrysil Target 715 SL RS 675

Buy Bata India Target 2000 Taka Term 6 months

Buy Zydus Life Target Rs 365 SL RS 342

My choice
Buy Nucleus Software Target 410 SL Rs 385
Buy Angel One Target 1510 SL RS 1450
Buy Dalmia India Sugar Target 455, No. 428

Best pick
Buy Zydus Life Target Rs 365 SL RS 342

Ashish Chaturvedi Stock Pick
Cash stock
Buy MINDA Corp Target 220 SL 200

The future
Buy Chhola Invest Target 675 SL 648

Buy Aurobindo Pharma 530 PE Target 20 SL 11.50

Buy Solar IND Target 3275 Duration 3 months

Buy NOCIL TARGET 290 DURATION 6-9 months

IPL stock
Buy Sumitomo Chem Target 550 Duration 9-12 months

News stock
Buy Eid Paris Target 530 SL 490

My choice
Buy BLUEDART TARGET 7415 Duration 1 Week
Buy Indian Hotel Target 250 SL 225
Buy Godfrey Phillips Target 1250 SL 1135

My best
Buy Sumitomo Chem Target 550 Duration 9-12 months

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