Shoppers close Sania Malhotra’s face as the face of their personal brand

Fashion and Beauty Retail Store Shoppers Stop has launched their new campaign for their private brand Fratini – ‘Billing in Every Moment’. The company has brought in Sanya Malhotra as the brand ambassador. The goal of the campaign is to portray the Frattini girl, who is said to be confident and flaunt her style to engage with friends or colleagues at every moment. The ad film shows the protagonist that he is comfortable and at home wherever he goes.

According to the company, Frattini has created a fashion quotient that is perfect for a boardroom, casual look, leisure and even evening look. The brand claims to give consumers both comfort and trending style, including classic to contemporary ensembles. Fratini’s collection includes dresses, jumpsuits, smart formals, casual and silhouettes of various colors. The brand is available exclusively at Shoppers Stop stores across the country. “Fratini is a confident, and stylish brand that offers a well-curated contemporary collection,” said Shwetal Basu, Customer Care Associate and Chief Marketing Officer at Shoppers Stop.

Frattini has taken Sanya Malhotra on board because the collaboration brings together the actress’ vitality and Frattini’s confidence and style, the brand said. It blends urban style with modern fashion for young men and women.

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