SC Supertech extends demolition deadline to August 28

Indian Supreme Court extends Supertech’s demolition of Twin Towers The Supreme Court has extended the deadline till August 28.

The apex court on Tuesday allowed the demolition of the Twin Towers at the Supertech Emerald Court in the Sector 93 area of ​​Noida to be extended till August 28.

The decision was taken after the demolition agency Edifice Engineering requested the SC to extend the deadline by three months from May 22.

The demolition agency told the court that test results from the blast showed that the building’s strength exceeded the company’s expectations.

Earlier, NOIDA authorities told the Supreme Court on Monday that the demolition of the twin 40-storey towers of Realty Major Supertech’s Emerald Court project, which was deemed illegal for violating the rules, had begun and would be completely demolished. May 22

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Authorities said in a status report that after the massive structure was demolished, the entire wreckage would be cleared from the site by August 22.

On August 31 last year, the apex court ordered the demolition of the twin 40-storey tower of Supertech Limited under construction within three months for violating the building rules in “Milan” with NOIDA officials, saying illegal construction must be dealt with severely. Ensuring compliance with the rule of law.

On January 12, the apex court dragged the manufacturer out of compliance with the order to demolish the twin 40-storey towers in NOIDA’s Sector 93 and warned that its managers would be sent to jail for “betraying the court.”

On February 8, the apex court ordered authorities to demolish the Twin Towers within two weeks.

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