Russia-Ukraine War: What You Need to Know Now

A Ukrainian counter-attack was under way near the Russian-controlled city of Izim, but its military said Russian forces were advancing elsewhere in the main Donbass region, Ukraine said.

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British military intelligence says Russia’s attack on Donbass has “lost momentum and lags significantly behind schedule”, with no prospect of dramatic acceleration in the next 30 days.

Russia, rejecting Ukraine’s claim to burn down a modern naval logistics ship in the Black Sea, showed a picture of Vsevolod Babrov without any signs of damage.

Refugees from the bombed-out Mariupol spoke of destruction when they arrived in Ukrainian-controlled Zaporizhiya in a huge convoy of cars and vans after waiting for days for Russian troops to leave.

Four missile strikes hit military infrastructure in the Yavoriv region of western Ukraine near the Polish border early Sunday morning, the Lviv regional governor said.

Russia’s Defense Ministry says its forces have struck Ukrainian command posts, ammunition depots and other military equipment in several areas, including Donbass, killing at least 100 Ukrainian “nationalists.”


Russia’s neighbor Finland will apply for NATO membership, President Sauli Ninistটো has said, in a major policy change due to Russia’s aggression in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said he had met with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken in Berlin on Sunday and that “more weapons and other assistance are on the way to Ukraine”.

The G7 foreign ministers pledged to strengthen Russia’s economic and political isolation, maintain arms supplies to Ukraine and work to reduce the global food shortage caused by the war.

Russia’s ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonov, said the country’s diplomats were being threatened with violence in Washington, Tass reported.

Sweden’s ruling Social Democrats were ready to come out in favor of joining NATO, soon paving the way for an appeal and abandoning decades of military non-alignment.


“We had a victory: in Eurovision today, but soon we will win the Ukraine-Russian war,” said Tetiana, a military physician in the Kyiv basement, after winning the popular song competition in Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra.

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