Paytm Mall has announced Pivot at ONDC as its primary focus; To explore exports

Paytm E-Commerce Private Limited (PEPL), the parent company of Paytm Mall, has announced that it will pivot as the primary focus of the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) and explore export business opportunities instead of traditional physical products. -Commerce.

The move enables the company to build a long-term sustainable business in partnership with ONDC, aimed at democratizing the buying and selling of goods in the Indian market, transparency for the country’s small business and digital independence. The publicly listed One 97 Communications Limited (OCL) has no direct or indirect shareholding in Paytm Mall’s core entity (PEPL). PEPL is not part of the OCL group, although PEPL uses the Paytm brand and accepts services from OCL.

A spokesperson for Paytm Mall said, “We are ready to create a revolutionary ONDC program for the Government of India to conduct online commerce in India. We are planning to explore opportunities in the export market. We are grateful for the support of our investors and look forward to sustainable growth. “As part of the company’s business transformation, PEPL also sees the departure of early investors Alibaba and Ant Group.

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