News Per View: Texmaco Rail has received an order worth Rs 6450 crore from Indian Railways

Texmaco Rail & Engineering has received a large order of Rs 6450 crore from Indian Railways for supply of 20,067 wagons. The order must be completed within 39 months. Ashish Kumar Gupta, managing director of Texmaco Rail and Engineering Limited, spoke to Anil Singhvi, managing editor of G Business, about the order in a special edition of the News Per Views TV show.

How big is the order? What is the period for completion?
Gupta said the company had received orders from Indian Railways. He added that the railways had prepared a tender for the supply of 90,000 wagons, which is targeted to be completed within 39 months. So out of those 90,000 wagons, our company has received orders to supply 20,000 wagons. The deadline to complete this order is 39 months.

Will the company be able to complete this order within 40 months?
The managing director said the railways were instructed keeping in view the production capacity of the companies. Order out of capacity is not available. And so, Texmaco Rail has received orders according to its capacity.

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Orders other than railways
Gupta said that in addition to the orders received from Indian Railways, the company has orders for 1700-1800 wagons, for which it is already running.

About the company’s quarterly results
Regarding the fourth quarter margin results, Gupta said it was not possible to comment at this time as the company’s fourth quarter results are due to be announced on May 20, 2022. It would be better to talk about the results after May 20

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