Netflix plans to test subscriptions through a livestreaming service

Netflix, suffering from the astonishing loss of customers and the loss of its share price, is working on a livestreaming option for stand-up specials and other content, Deadline Report

Livestream support could open up huge potential for Netflix, opening the door to live reunion broadcasts, such as a recent one Sell ​​the sunset – Enable live voting for a real estate reality show – and competition-based reality shows.

The streaming giant could use the feature for live comedy specials. Netflix hosts its first private and live comedy festival – Netflix is ​​a joke fest. The event took place in Los Angeles and lasted for several days, with more than 130 comedians, including Bill Burr, Ali Wang, John Mulani and Jerry Seinfeld. Netflix plans to air some shows from the event this month and at the end of June. A live option, however, can give home users the ability to watch shows when they are released.

Disney Plus, one of Netflix’s biggest competitors, has already hit the livestream. First for the service, it aired a live exhibition of the Academy Awards in February. It is also the new home of the celebrity dance competition Dance with the starsWhich will debut as a live series later this year

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In its latest earnings report, Netflix reported losing customers for the first time in a decade. Disney Plus, on the other hand, added 7.9 million new users in the March quarter.

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To help tackle subscriber and revenue declines, Netflix plans to launch a low-cost ad-supported plan by the end of 2022, much earlier than originally planned. New York Times Report quoting an internal note.

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The streaming services giant plans to start cracking down on sharing passwords among customers at the same time. Netflix will crack down on users sharing passwords, making it difficult to grow, the company said earlier.

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