Nestle Manch has launched its new IPL campaign

Nestle Munch has launched a new campaign featuring four franchises associated with the brand this IPL season. As part of the deal, the company has released a limited-edition Nestle stage pack featuring players from all four teams. In addition, the scannable packs contain a variety of running cricket-themed games that can be redeemed for digital prizes, signed merchandise or even virtual meetings and greetings with players, and more. The campaign was conceived by Wonderman Thompson India.

Rupali Ratan, head of Nestle India’s confectionery business, said the company was using technology to revitalize the partnership between stage and cricket. “It not only enables youngsters to play games but also enables them to come closer to cricketers in an augmented reality universe so that they can be inspired,” he added.

In addition, WT Experience, an expert team at Wunderman Thompson India, has created a gorgeous experience, using the enhanced reality of the playground for fans to participate and meet players.

For Joy Chauhan, Managing Partner, Wonderman Thompson, Delhi, the country is moving towards a digital first economy and as people spend more of their time online, technology has become essential to customer attention and time-consuming brands. “Consumers’ reliance on technology reflects the time they spend on social media, using technology for business and even for their well-being, forcing brands to exploit this changing consumer behavior and be a part of this evolving journey.” WT Experience has created a technologically first experience for brand stage consumers in a non-TVC manner this cricketing season, ”he said.

The agency wanted to bring cricket fans to the forefront. Inspired by the players on the field, the brand’s brand summary, Amit Rangra, VP and Executive Business Director, Wonderman Thompson India, Experimental, commented. “The technology-first approach builds on the ‘scan and tap’ ecosystem that provides an interactive playground experience. We have created an experience that gamifies engagement using augmented reality using hyper casual games that enliven the experience of cricket fans in their own environment. The first experience of technology will help us connect the stage with its audience across population and geography, ”he highlighted.

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