nCORE Games will launch Apna Games in partnership with RJ Raunac and Dot9 Games

Game development and publishing company nCORE Games has partnered with RJ Raunac to release Apna Games for mobile. Apna Games is a collection of location-based multiplayer games that allow users to square off against other players across the country.

Combining ludo, pool, carom and cricket quizzes, the games allow users to choose their state and represent in any of these games against games from other parts of the country. The complete RJ Raunac aka Bauaa’s vocals lead the way with Hindi and English dialogue options.

RJ Raunak claims to have been a longtime video game player. “Your games are a passion project for me. It’s a dream come true to work with a studio that shares the same vision as me for a great game for everyone in India, “he added.

In addition to choosing from a host of games, players will also be able to earn in-game currency to purchase products such as headphones from the IceSpice Store, authorized by the game’s publisher dot 9 Games.

The giant Gondal, the founder, nCORE Games, is confident that players like RJ Raunac and Dot9 Games will lead even more audiences for Apna Games. “We want to bring the game to everyone by combining state loyalty and competition with Polish gameplay,” he said.

“Your games provide fast entertainment through simple gaming skills,” said Deepak Isle, co-founder and CEO of Dot9 Games.

It was felt by Isle that there was a need to create a game where Indian gamers could challenge others from different states and locations as a multiplayer experience. The purpose was for fans of RJ Raunak to enjoy and remember a game.

Dot9 Games is responsible for creating its own games as well as other games such as ICC Cricket Fever, Bioshock Mobile and the world’s first Spider-Man game on mobile. Your games will be available for download on the Google Play Store from Sunday 15th May.

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