MAN, ABB to bring megawatt charging technology in e-mobility long distance tracking

The MAN truck and bus had a near-series prototype of its upcoming electric truck, which was unveiled for the first time today at the site of the former Berlin Templehof Airport. A special technical feature of the electric commercial vehicle, which will be launched in the market in 2024, is the ability to charge future megawatts.

ABB e-Mobility, a global provider of charging solutions for electric vehicles, aims to bring megawatt charging technology to market in the next three years. The MAN and ABB e-mobility are thus preparing for the next stage of electromobility: efficient capability for heavy-duty long-distance tracking with a daily range of 600 to 800 kilometers.

Moreover, in addition to their commitment to electromobility, the two organizations indicate that the industry is ready to move forward and that lawmakers must establish policy frameworks for zero-emission road transport.

Federal Minister for Digital and Transport Dr. Volker Wising. “To achieve our climate targets, we need to deconstruct road transport,” he said. To make this happen, we are focusing on ramp-ups of the climate-friendly commercial vehicle market and the development of relevant high-performance charging infrastructure. “

He added, “The project we are supporting in high-performance charging for e-trucks on the A2 is providing important lessons. Now the important thing is to bring more e-trucks on the road faster. The partnership between MAN and ABB shows that we are on the right track. ”

During the minister’s test drive on the Man electric truck, Alexander Vlascamp, CEO of MAN Trucks and Bus, stressed that “accelerating the expansion of charging infrastructure is the only way to meet the evolution of transportation and climate goals.”

He further highlights why MAN is relying on battery-electric powertrains for future fleet of carbon-free commercial vehicles: low operating costs and optimal overall power footprint. “As part of the Tratton Group, we are already participating in a joint venture with industry partners to develop and operate a high-performance public charging network with a goal of at least 1,700 green electricity charging points across Europe,” Vlascamp added.

To enable long-distance daily ranges between 600 and 800 kilometers, the MAN electric truck is already equipped with the technical prerequisites for the future megawatt charging system, due to be launched in 2024. ABB E-Mobility, as a leading global provider of charging solutions, wants to bring such charging systems to market quickly.

Frank Muhlon, CEO of ABB e-Mobility, said, “Our goal is to facilitate electromobility in all areas. At ABB e-Mobility we have been working for many years to improve the relevant performance standards. Charging megawatts will require new power technology, including more than 1,000 volts, so systemic electrical protection and reliability are essential for this power level and for remote use. “

“ABB e-Mobility is the ideal provider to address these challenges, as we can significantly accelerate research and development based on our existing technologies. Our common ambition is to bring this new technology to market within three years. In the past, such developmental stages have often taken much longer, “said Frank Muhlon.

A binding and uniform standard is also important for introducing megawatt charging technology. Germany can set the standard here: More than 20 industry and science partners, including MAN and ABB, are working on a high-efficiency charging project (known in German as “HoLa”), funded by the German government and the world’s first megawatt charging project.

Two high-capacity charging points, including a megawatt charging system (MCS), are being built at four locations along the A2 Federal Highway. The project is intended to serve as the basis for a nationwide expansion.

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