Mahdi Purjaferani – Building strong IT security through his company

The world has transformed itself into a digital world and most of the business of companies, big and small is done digitally. There is a lot of financial transaction going on online, with a lot of confidential information being constantly shared between entities. As the world continues to move towards digitization, the need to secure these online transactions and data transfers has also increased significantly, placing the blame on security experts who provide services that help prevent cyber attacks and hacking. There are countless industry experts who have done exceptionally well in the field of network security, but one of them is Mahdi Purjaferani, who has emerged as one of the most sought after, due to the impeccable service he provides through his company FiveM. Industry professionals who have helped many companies and individuals secure their networks through its security systems.

Mahdi Purjaferani is a successful entrepreneur, professional blockchain developer, and programmer from the UK who has done extremely well in this field. His specialization in IT security has got him many global clients who support him for his flawless and robust security structure, which keeps hackers and cyber attacks at bay. In addition to founding FiveM, he founded FiveM Store LLC, a VC-supported company known for its incredible scanner software. Furthermore, Mahdi is regarded as one of the most promising blockchain advisors who has helped countless clients understand the workings of the complex blockchain industry and understand how investing in them can bring good returns. He is constantly in touch with people who want to set foot in this magical world of Web 3.

Mahdi began his professional career as a programmer at Optic Gaming and EA Sports in 2008 and was later promoted to security manager at Optic Gaming and supervisor at EA Sports. He has worked with Rockstar, an American video game publisher, where he has the experience of adding over 1,000 add-ons to the software.

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