Jajabor Brand Consultancy strengthens the relationship with IPLIX Media

Jajabor Brand Consultancy (JBC) has announced that it has joined hands with the influential marketing and talent management firm, IPLIX Media. It has also announced the unveiling of a package for the manufacturing economy. According to the brand consultancy firm, over the past year, the integrated communication mandate for IPLIX Media has helped the company realize the power of communication in the creator ecosystem, which has led to a move towards the creator economy branch.

Upasna Das, CEO, JBC, sitting at the crossroads of investor, brand and media consulting, as part of the strategic aggregate, the company has witnessed changes in the creator’s economy. “It’s no longer a supply and demand equation. Platforms like IPLIX Media are at the forefront of this change and enable a symphony between brands and influencers. The Creative Economy branch has taken a step forward in our approach to industry-wide disruption of impact-driven communication, ”he said.

As part of the mandate, JBC will lead the brand’s end-to-end media strategy, corporate reputation management and brand advisory services. JBC will also oversee the media relations and strategic communications of multiple Instagram influencers associated with IPLIX, including Saloni Gaur, Shlok Srivastava aka Tech Burner, Nikhil Sharma and Neha Doodles.

For Neil Gogia, co-founder of IPLIX Media, the manufacturing economy is undergoing a complete transformation. “Every stakeholder, including brands, investors, partners and the media, realizes the potential of this. If we look only at the dominant economy, the market in India is Rs 2,200 crore. So, by expanding our partnership with Jazbar Brand Consultancy, we I aim to take, ”he added.

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