Instahyre: Recruitment using AI results in fewer jobs

Instahyre is an advanced recruitment platform based on artificial intelligence that enables employers to recruit talent effortlessly. Instead of spending hours searching for the right candidates for an employer and then applying filters to check if they are interested, AI-based platforms provide a curated list of candidates from their premium database.

Encouraged by its success in the marketplace, Instahyre has announced plans to increase its workforce by 3 times (currently 80-100 to 250) and by 4 times by the end of this year. The expansion will be part of the company’s strategic move, with accounts ranging from 20,000 enterprises to mid-market SMBs, which will serve a base of 80-90 million candidates.

Sarbajit Mallick, co-founder of the company, said, “Instahair is the top platform for internet companies to recruit technology and non-technology. It has piloted with Amazon, Walmart, Cargill, Freshworks and many other enterprises to test its technology, with 700+ test runs allowing it to save 95% of the cost compared to existing solutions on the market, primarily manual sourcing and keywords. -Based inheritance system, he adds.

“We are building a complete suite of sourcing products to help our clients. Instahyre drives, which allow companies to operate and manage recruitment drives, are very popular among enterprises, ”said Mallick.

AI-based advanced recruitment platforms help companies gain more clients through horizontal expansion. “There is nothing that prevents us from playing a horizontal game in terms of products or technology. In fact, we’ve always wanted to extend horizontally to all white-collar roles. We are preparing to start catering in the IT services industry, and our good market will grow exponentially in the next few years, ”he added.

The company recently released tools like Instahyre Scheduler for meeting schedules and provided automatic personalized reminders and Instahyre Talent Insights to scan the talent landscape for any role across any geography. Instahyre also used AI and ML to create InstaMatch – a proprietary technology that mimics a human employer and learns from user activity.

On the way to growth
The firm is moving onboard 20,000 accounts, serving a base of 80-90 million candidates
It aims to increase revenue 4-fold by the end of this year
The platform saves 95% of the cost compared to existing solutions on the market

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