Instagram Update: This big change will come with the feature of the story

Instagram, a meta-owned photo-sharing platform, is testing a new storage layout that hides additional posts. Users can now post up to 100 stories at once.

Although this number should remain the same despite the change, users who have received the update will have to tap the “Show All” button to see the rest of the stories. Otherwise, Instagram jumps into the next person’s stories.

“According to 9To5Mac, Phil Russell, a Brazilian Instagram user, noticed that the Instagram app now shows three of the stories shared by other people,” the IANS report said.

The report goes on to say that this is a significant change in the way Instagram Store works. Since some people are accustomed to tapping the screen to see all the stories from one account at a time, this will no longer be possible after the update. For creators, this means that the view of any post after the third story will be less.

At the same time, limiting the number of stories displayed in the app will allow users to see more people’s posts faster if they are not interested in that content.

Currently, it appears that only a small group of users have received updates with the new storage layout, so according to reports, Instagram is still testing these changes before rolling out to all users.

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