Indigo has inappropriately handled specially disabled children, the DGCA said

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has completed its investigation into the Special Children’s case and found Indigo guilty. The DGCA’s fact-finding committee said the Indigo staff’s treatment of the child and his parents at Ranchi airport was inappropriate. Report by Ambareesh Pandey.

Pandey said it was an event dated May 7, 2022. A special child was going to board an Indigo flight from Ranchi Airport to Hyderabad. But this kid was nervous before boarding. Indigo flight officials and airport officials refused to pick up the baby. They argued that this child was particularly disabled and could cause inconvenience to other passengers.

Subsequently, a complaint was lodged with the DGCA and a committee was constituted last Monday, which had to finalize the report within 7 days. This committee had 3 members. As soon as the investigation started, the committee visited both Ranchi and Hyderabad airports. They talked to all the passengers on that flight. A full report has also been prepared by questioning the officials of both the airports.

Watch the full video here for more details:

This report shows that the mistake was made by Indigo. The way they handled passengers was wrong. If they had tried to calm the child down and give him advice, the matter would not have escalated so much, the DGCA said.

And with that in mind, DGCA gave Indigo 10 days to explain why they treated passengers so unfairly. And if the DGCA is not satisfied with Indigo’s response, legal action could be taken against Indigo, Pandey said.

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