ICICI Lombard has introduced professional indemnity insurance for doctors

ICICI Lombard has introduced professional indemnity insurance for doctors. This new offer covers all specializations, provides instant policy and is equipped with transparent and competitive pricing, a hassle-free claims process and legal advice services support in case of claims.

As professionals, doctors are at risk for human error where patients can be blamed by their relatives. As a solution to such situations, the policy is designed to assist medical practitioners against the possibility of various human error that may occur while providing professional services to patients.

Speaking on the same topic, Sanjeev Mantri, Executive Director, ICICI Lombard, said, “Physicians and healthcare professionals face uncertainty and risk as they move forward to save lives. Errors, omissions or sometimes unintentional negligence are a part and parcel of their professional life. Any aggrieved person has the right to claim compensation for medical negligence against them. In such cases, our professional compensation insurance protects doctors against all professional risks such as legal defense costs, compensation claims, injury to others, as well as illegal claims. As a company, we’re committed to protecting the interests of physicians and providing the best financial and legal security because they really deserve the same. “

Professional indemnity insurance helps doctors legally and financially if there is a legal case. Key features of this offer include coverage against legal liabilities such as defense costs during the investigation, cost of representation, and compensation for claims arising out of bodily injury or death due to error, omission and negligence.

It will also provide coverage against invalid claims where the practitioner is not at fault for covering legal fees and settlement compensation against claims made by the court, or alleging medical malpractice and lawsuits for breach of confidentiality.

Doctors focus on giving their best to save lives. However, there are some uncertainties that could put their jobs at risk. Professional Compensation Insurance for Doctors under the SME Department is an innovative offer from this leading general insurance company and it demonstrates their focus on providing a great experience to their customers.

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