How to download on iOS, Android, pre-register, system requirements and much more

Apex Legends Mobile Download: Apex Legends Mobile, one of the most famous cross-platform Battle Royale games, will be released on May 17 on Android and iOS. Set in the immersed Apex Legends Universe, Apex Legends Mobile is a strategic combat royal shooter game featuring legendary character-based gameplay, best-in-class squad fights and fast combat that cement the game’s space as one of the top shooters. Mobile package.

Players can join forces with two friends to compete with other mobile players, combining the unique skills of each legend to play team roles, coordinate plays, and dominate Apex Legends games, the company said.

Those who pre-registered before the release of Apex Legends Mobile will receive a variety of in-game prizes at launch, including hall-spray, gun skin and banner frames. Previously limited to PCs and consoles, the Apex Legends mobile was designed for mobile touchscreens and this is true as the original, BGR India reports.

A beta was opened in India and the Philippines last year and later expanded to more countries in February this year. The game features new battle passes, collectible cosmetics and unlocked versions from PC and console versions. The game features new legends, maps, gameplay, modes, progress and live events that expand gameplay diversity to keep the experience new.

Minimum requirements to run Apex Legends Mobile on Apple devices:

– iPhone 6S or later
– OS version: 11.0 or later
– CPU: A9
– 4 GB free space

According to game developers, “Apex Legends is clearly designed for mobile, with streamlined controls and thoughtful optimization making it one of the most advanced Battle Royale combat games available for tablets or phones.” The mobile game is now available for pre-registration on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Players can even get rewards for pre-registration.

How to pre-register for iOS: Visit the Apex Legends Mobile subsection on EA’s website. Click Pre-Register and Update. Fill in the email, date of birth and region. Click sign up

How to pre-register for Android: Go to the Apex Legends Mobile subsection on EA’s website. Click Pre-Register on Google Play. Once redirected to the Google Play Store, click the green pre-registration button

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