Hindi not emphasized in GPMER or Pondicherry UT: LG Tamilisai Pudukottai

Claiming that criticizing another language or criticizing people who speak another language is not part of Tamil culture, Telangana Governor and Lieutenant-Governor of Pondicherry Tamilisai Saundararajan reiterated that Hindi is not being emphasized in JIPMER or Union Territory.

No one is being forced to learn Hindi at the cost of mother tongue, he said, adding that learning an additional language would only increase one’s employment opportunities. “But my concern is that we are not fully studying in our mother tongue,” he said.

For example, even at the Jawaharlal Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and Research (JIPMER) or the whole of Pondicherry, Hindi is not being imposed, he said. “I have already made it clear that there is no emphasis on Hindi GPMER. Tamil has become the language of communication, “he told reporters on Sunday.

He said that there should be love and affection towards mother tongue but there should be no hatred or opposition towards other language which is the mother tongue of others.

“It is not our culture to criticize the language of others or to criticize people of other languages,” Soundararajan said, without naming anyone in particular.

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