Hampstreet has started a campaign for monthly health awareness among sex workers

Hempstreet announced on Friday that it has launched a monthly health awareness campaign for female residents and sex workers in the low-lying areas of Delhi. The campaign was launched in collaboration with The Joint Target Initiative and Women’s Action Group Chelsea. According to the company’s press release, its goal is to level the playing field for access to healthcare for ‘everyone’.

Under this campaign, Hampstreet organized camps led by doctors, and more than 150 women from the area attended each camp. The campaign started last month, with a seminar and health check-up by Dr. Preeti Chabra and Dr. Pooja Kohli. Free sanitary pads were distributed to all the women participants after the camp. The second camp was held on 5th May and was led by Dr. Ashima Sardana.

Meanwhile, the Joint Target Initiative is a joint venture launched in 2009 by Shakti Bahini and the Indian Medicine Development Trust (IMDT) to prevent HIV / AIDS among sex workers on GB Road.

“Menstruation is still a silent issue in India and it is a matter of ‘wrapping it in a black plastic bag or newspaper.’ Although this has started to change in recent times, only 36% of Indian women are known to use sanitary napkins. This number is even lower for women of marginal background. More than 50% of sex workers rely on cloth pads during menstruation, which puts them at risk of infection. At Hempstreet, we are working to raise awareness about poor menstrual health and to take proactive steps by distributing sanitary pads, “said Dr. Pooja Kohli, AVP, Community and Outreach, Hempstreet, in a statement.

“In low-rent areas like Bastis, near Zakir Hussain College, there is often a widespread outbreak of illness associated with poor menstrual hygiene. Spreading awareness about healthy menstruation is the key to good health for women living in such areas. Joint TI and Chelsea are working with Hampstreet to work in the same direction, “said Dr. Naghma of Joint Target Intervention in a statement.

Hempstreet is using the ancient science of Ayurveda to create ‘natural relief’ products from cannabis for the treatment of chronic pain and menstrual health. With the vast scope of cannabis-based medicine in Ayurveda, partnerships with leading organizations and an in-depth research and development foundation, Hampstreet is ready to redefine the way to address a wide range of disorders surrounding women’s health and especially menstrual health.

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