Google has launched the Pixel Buds Pro with active noise cancellation, the answer

Google today unveiled the budget Pixel 6a as well as the Pixel Buds Pro at its I / O 2022 developer Keynote event. These are the most high-end wireless earbuds that Google has created, coming almost three years after the original Pixel Bud. These are basically Google’s answers to Apple’s AirPods Pro for Android users, although they should work just fine with the iPhone and iPad. The Google Pixel Buds Pro is priced at $ 199.99 which translates to approximately Rs. The Pixel 6a is slated to arrive in India later this year, but there is no word on the Pixel Buds Pro at the time of writing.

Google says the Pixel Buds Pro has custom-designed hardware and smart sensors and algorithms that allow them to automatically fit and adjust both the sound output. These come with active noise cancellation and a clarity mode when you need to be aware of your surroundings. Smart seals help these earbuds “adapt to your ear, maximizing the amount of noise” when measuring “the pressure of your ear canal so that earbuds can actively relieve it and stay comfortable.” Fast pair and volume EQ, features we’ve already seen in the original pixel buds, are also available.

Like the AirPods Pro, the Pixel Buds Pro can intelligently switch between commonly used Android devices without having to enter your Bluetooth settings. Spatial audio head tracking will also be available, but later in the year. The package is hands-free Google Assistant and Bluetooth Multipoint support. The bud itself is IPX4 rated (charging case only IPX2).

The Pixel Buds Pro is rated for up to seven hours of playback when the ANC launches, which could extend it by another four hours.

The company claims that they enable active noise cancellation and can reach up to seven hours of continuous listening when 11 is turned off. Wireless charging is available.

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