DRiefcase integrates with WhatsApp to enhance user experience

The National Health Authority (NHA) approved DRiefcase has integrated with WhatsApp to enhance the user experience in maintaining personal healthcare records (PHR). DRiefcase is India’s first Lifetime India Digital Mission (ABDM) Integrated Health Locker.

As India’s first NHA approved PHR app, it helps users upload personal medical records directly to WhatsApp and store them in their account.

ABDM is a digital framework that will connect patients, doctors and other healthcare stakeholders across the country to facilitate the safe and secure movement of health information.

Talking about this development, Sohit Kapoor, founder of DRiefcase, said, “We have always believed that no software platform can expect patients or doctors to adapt to their user journey. The journey of the platform users has to work like theirs and reduce the barriers for them. With that in mind, we’re now able to use WhatsApp as a way to upload medical records to our health locker. “

This integration will help bridge the existing data gap between patients and carers to facilitate the safe and efficient flow of information. This will facilitate the flow of information to other stakeholders in the ecosystem, such as pharma companies, insurance companies and the government, all through a daily app like WhatsApp.

Using DRiefcase WhatsApp can be a very resourceful platform for its users as Indians feel comfortable using it to interact with familiar medical professionals.

Being a patient-centered platform, DRiefcase helps users manage their digital medical records in a secure manner for over 5 years, gives them access to PHR, enables users to maintain and manage their family medical records online. This ensures ease of upload and quick recovery of a timely record. DRiefcase assists in scanning all medical records including radiology reports such as X-rays and MRI with the help of a Pan-India team in the comfort of one’s home.

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