Dhrubin Lakhankiya’s fashion label Bavinisis is about food diversity

Bavincis is a fashion accessories brand that has set up its first e-commerce site, especially for Indian clients. The effort is aimed at capitalizing on the growing demand for branded products among Indian consumers by expanding branded product offers.

Bavincis founder Dhruvin Lakhankia talks about how the world is responding to fashion accessories: “We think of sunglasses as more than a way to protect our eyes from the sun – they are also an easy way to enhance beauty and glamor – any combination.”

The company sells a variety of items, including watches, sunglasses and other fashion accessories. With the phrase ‘Luxuries Are Affordable’, Bavincis is an international brand that provides premium quality fashion accessories.

People have used clothing and accessories to express their identities, display their socio-economic status, and represent their culture throughout history. Over time, people began to rely heavily on accessories such as headgear, shoes, sunglasses, watches, purses, and jewelry to help communicate their stories through fashion.

The company’s founders themselves have witnessed how fashion has evolved over the ages, and not just in terms of what people wear. Bavincis is now a well-known name in luxury fashion, with a large selection of high-quality products available online (and now in select stores around the world). He is credited with partially emphasizing Bavincis’ success. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals.

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