DGTR initiates systematic changes to improve the ease of doing business

The Directorate General of Trade Remedies (DGTR) has initiated a number of systematic and methodological changes to improve the ease of doing business and reduce the burden of compliance on stakeholders, the Commerce Ministry said on Tuesday.

It said in a statement that this was achieved through a comprehensive exercise towards simplification of rules, procedures and procedures related to trade remedies.

The DGTR, a branch of the ministry, is a national agency that deals with all types of trade remedial measures – anti-dumping, countervailing and protection.

These tariffs help to provide a level playing field for the domestic industry against unfair trade practices such as dumping, subsidies and increasing imports.

Measures taken by the DGTR include simplified formats and questions submitted by producers / exporters, importers, users and the domestic industry in trade remedy investigations, the ministry said.

Indian industry, especially for the handling of MSMEs, DGTR has introduced sampling system for domestic producers in the fragmented industry in the anti-dumping / countervailing duty investigation, it added.

“Safeguards have explored new avenues by conducting quantitative restrictions investigations, bilateral security investigations, and investigations on a self-motivated basis,” it said.

It further noted that self-imposed investigations are challenging due to the structure of the domestic industry.

“These investigations ensure a fair place for the various stakeholders,” it said, adding that in 2021-22, the final results of three trade remedy investigations were released which began on a self-imposed basis more than two decades later.

Since then, tariffs have been imposed in all three cases.

Further, the statement said that the level playing field provided by the government on the basis of recommendations made by DGTR has enabled a large number of industries to increase capacity, secure significant direct and indirect employment and produce.

As of April 2021, 56 final results have been released and 35 investigations have been launched.

It further said that the Trade Defense Branch of the DGTR is actively engaged in protecting the interests of Indian exporters in investigations conducted by other countries against Indian exports.

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