BCG Bonus Shares: G Business Impact! The shares are deposited in the demat of the investors

BCG Bonus Share Credit Date: To the great relief of Brightcom Group shareholders, the company has taken initiative to deposit BCG bonus shares in the shareholders’ accounts. Many shareholders have told G Business that they have received bonus shares of the company. Those who have not received the shares will receive them by May 19, as G Business Managing Editor Anil Singhvi had earlier said. The company further stated that the shares will be credited to the shareholder’s demat account on or before May 19.

Meanwhile, shareholders have been informed about the credit of the shares through SMS and email.

The development came after G Business began investigating the delay and asked the company for reasons for the delay.

After G Business launched an investigation into the matter, the company said in a regulatory filing that it was hoping to get approval to list bonus shares from the exchange on Friday, May 13 and that it would be credited to investors’ accounts by May 19.

However, shareholders have already started getting shares in their demat accounts, says Anil Singhvi.

“We expect the final listing approval from the exchange by Friday, May 13, 2022. Subsequent steps to deposit bonus shares into the accounts of all shareholders are expected to be completed on or before Thursday, May 19, 2022,” it said. A regulator.

Earlier, after receiving requests from multiple shareholders of the company, G Business tried to contact both RTA and Exchange but they did not give a clear answer. Later, the company issued a statement and cleared the air about bonus shares.

The Board of Directors of BCG approved the bonus shares on January 25, 2022.

Shares of BCG, meanwhile, traded at around Rs 63.95 per share on the BSE on Tuesday with a one per cent discount.

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