Bayer has relaunched its antifungal brand Canesten in India

Bear’s Consumer Health Division on Thursday announced the launch of a new and improved range of Canesten, their anti-fungal treatment solution in India. The product is available in powder and cream formats and offers anti-fungal properties that help prevent and treat skin infections. According to the company’s press release, Kanesten is an easy-to-use solution and is a full-cycle skin infection control formulation that not only relieves itching but also stops the spread of infection.

Based on Bayer’s original research molecule Clotrimazole, the Canesten® range brings much needed relief as it treats a wide spectrum of fungal skin infections. Canesten® anti-fungal dusting powder is used to treat skin fungus infections Provides 5X relief vs. common talcum powder from heat, redness, skin irritation, itching and fungal infections, the company said in a press release on Thursday.

According to the company, Canisten Cream relieves ringworm, jock itch, skin candidiasis, athlete’s foot, erythrosma and fungal nail infections among other fungal skin infections. Furthermore, formulations are used to treat fungal infections of the skin, including inflammatory lesions, while Canesten® V6 tablets demonstrate its effectiveness in the therapy of complex valvovaginal candidiasis.

“At Bayer, we are constantly working on our vision to make self-care accessible to all Indians. Women, especially those who lead more active lives, are at risk of fungal skin infections in hot-humid climates of India. Early symptom detection, diagnosis and treatment can provide relief, reduce the chances of recurrence and improve their quality of life. To address this concern, we have come up with our best global solution in India, which is already trusted by millions of women worldwide. We want to encourage women to stop being uncomfortable and hide fungal skin infections, but also to treat them with Canesten® and save their lives to the fullest, ”said Sandeep Verma, Country Head, Consumer Heath India, in a statement.

Verma added that they are focused on strengthening our dermatology portfolio in India and are committed to taking the legacy of Bayer’s original research molecule clotrimazole to new heights and establishing Konstantin as a go-to solution for women’s skin infections.

Canisten Dusting Powder is available as 50 g and 100 g SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) whereas Canisten Cream is available in 30 g tube. These products can be purchased as an OTC product across India The other 2 SKUs, Canesten S Cream in 15gm tubes and Canesten® V6 tablets can be purchased on doctor’s prescription.

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