Bangalore-based startup Pravig will provide batteries for European forces

Strategic batteries made in India will power equipment used by European combat forces as Bangalore-based startup Pravig won an order to supply compact power storage, the company said in a statement.

Combined with M2M Factory and AMG Pro, a major distributor of defense and power equipment in the European Armed Forces, with more than 90 brands such as Under Armor, Defcon, Casio.

Magnum, Leatherman, is now making strategic batteries in India with Pravig.

The Pravig Field Pack will be delivered to the defense manufacturer, it said.

“These batteries are designed, engineered and manufactured in India. This supply marks a major change in India’s defense landscape. A tipping point for the reversal of India’s high-tech defense industry, from user to developer to importer to exporter. In a statement, Prabhaig CEO Siddharth Bagri said.

Cyborgs, like modern military humans, are a major part of their equipment.

Provig’s field pack provides enough power to charge modern soldiers and their equipment the equivalent of 60 times the equivalent of a MacBook, the statement said.

“We have shown Pravig the difficulties of troops in desert, snow, urban and forest environments and they have come up with an amazing solution to meet the energy demand. Its CEO.

Jeremy Caron, director of the M2M factory, said: “Pravig delivered this solution from concept to creation in 60 days, which was something unheard of in the global defense industry.”

Lightweight, sturdy and waterproof batteries open up a lot of opportunities to power personal equipment, install remote sensors and communication relays in the field, and hibernate and activate significantly larger devices remotely.

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