Awarded as the most trusted brand of Emirates Logistics India Pvt. Ltd.

Emirates Logistics India Pvt. Ltd. is awarded as the nation’s most trusted brand by Brand Story for its excellence in freight and logistics, commitment and operational flexibility.

Emirates Logistics India Pvt. Ltd. is a company engaged in Freight Forwarding, Shipping, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Warehousing, Transportation, Delivery and Customs Clearance. With its continuous work, the company has been recognized worldwide for its excellence, commitment and logistical and freight flexibility. Apart from India, the brand exists in countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt, Morocco, Kenya and Malaysia. It continues to expand its reach with each passing year.

It has completed 10 years in India in 2021 In a span of 10 years, Emirates Logistics has multiplied from 1 branch to 16 branches and 18 warehouses across India with a capacity of 700,000 sq ft. There was a time when the company had only 10 employees but today it employs more than 275 employees. As a logistics and freight brand, Emirates has emerged as one of the leading customer service brands. It grows vertically and horizontally across all spheres. It is a name to be reckoned with for providing time-efficient, reliable, and reliable shipping and logistics solutions. That is why it has been awarded as the most trusted brand in the nation.

Ever since the market went through disruptions caused by the epidemic, logistics operations have become extremely challenging. Traffic congestion across major ports and terminals, shortage of containers, space crisis with major shipping lines have created an imbalance in supply and demand which has led to delayed deliveries. Even in this situation when the entire logistics ecosystem is in disarray, Emirates Logistics is working hard to ensure the best results for its clients. Faced with a number of challenges, the company continues to improve as it addresses customer needs.

The brand has the youngest bench power which makes it a young leader in the market. The main stakeholders have been in the organization since its inception. All processes and SOPs are natively designed. The brand places great emphasis on compliance and standardization. At the same time, it has local and regional concepts of business dynamics in each zone to meet customer needs. The tagline used by the brand is “People’s Partnership Performance” which in itself is a firm commitment. The company’s logo shows the interconnectedness which means it has an integrated way of combining all the power. Young, enterprising, passionate are the three main qualities that describe the image of this brand. The brand’s commitment is “Under Commit and Over-Deliver”. Every invoice from the smallest transaction to a very large parcel and the customer is dealt with with the same resources and commitment.

Emirates Logistics is one of the fastest growing logistics companies. It is investing in manpower, technology and resources and is set to become one of those logistics firms to access its warehousing facilities (asset-based ownership). The company has an elite and corporate customer base. The company mainly deals with manufacturers, large corporates, businesses and government PSUs. By combining resources and an integrated logistics approach, the company identifies industry-based segmented customers.

Since the launch of Emirates Logistics, the brand has a strong sales force on the ground and equally strong on the back end that constantly identifies new clients through telecom, messaging and personal visits, and has considerable visibility on the brand’s major social media platforms. . Emirates Logistics is a logistics company with its own packaging and designing plant that provides primary and secondary packaging solutions to major automotive, engineering and manufacturing companies. The brand Pan India offers one window solution for clients who need a focal point billing and service level. An important reason why Emirates Logistics stands out as a trusted brand is that its customers have long been associated with it. If the brand promises, it must deliver.

Brand Story recognizes Emirates Logistics’ outstanding efforts to redefine the freight and logistics industry by providing the best customer service from the beginning. Dr. Abhay Kaushik, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Brand Story, said, “Emirates Logistics is a leading brand known for its commitment to logistics operations. It has also enriched all the challenges to ensure that the customers get the best results. It is a brand that promises and delivers. Brand Story is proud to award Emirates Logistics India Pvt Ltd as the most trusted brand in the nation. ”

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