Andy Warhol’s portrait of Marilyn Monroe sold for $ 195 million, creating a new world

Even sixty years after her death, Marilyn Monroe continues to rule the hearts and minds of Americans. Kim Kardashian broke all records at Monday’s auction, from wearing an iconic Marilyn dress to her iconic portrait of Metgala, not stopping Marilyn Monroe.

Andy Warhol’s 1964 portrait of Marilyn – dubbed ‘Shot Sage Blue Marilyn’ – a 40-inch piece of artwork painted by Warhol two years after Monroe’s death, sold for a record-breaking $ 195 million at Christie’s New York auction on Monday. The work, a 1953-film, is based on a promotional photograph in Niagara, part of a set of four portraits, each with a different background.

“Tonight was a historic night for Christie’s and the entire contemporary art market. The record-breaking sale of Marilyn’s iconic portrait of Warhol from the collections of Thomas and Doris Amman is a testament to the strength, vitality and overall excitement of the art market today. The sale demonstrates Andy Warhol’s vast potential as well as his long-standing legacy in the art world, popular culture and society, “said Alex Ritter, Christie’s chairman of 20th and 21st Century Art, in a statement.

The sale broke the record for the most expensive piece of 20th-century artwork sold at auction by Pablo Picasso’s “Les Fames D’Alzer (version O)”, which sold for $ 179.4 million in 2015. It also broke the record for the most expensive. Andy Warhol painting last sold in 2013 for 5 105.4 million.

Proceeds from the collection of Swedish art collectors Thomas and Doris Amman will go to charities that provide medical and educational services for children. 36 lots in total collection and total $ 317.8 million.

The sale was 98 per cent on a price basis, indicating strong demand from collectors and confidence in the market. The sale attracted the participation of bidders from 29 countries, with 68 per cent of the lots being sold above the high estimate. Additional highlights from the sale include record prices for six artists. Francesco Clement’s The Fourteen Station, No. 11, sold for গ 1.8 million, three times the previous record, with bids from at least nine bidders. Anne Craven’s I Was Not Sorry, 2003 achieved eight times the previous record, earning $ 478,800 through a competition of 15 bidders.

Other records include: Mike Bidlow (previous record three times), Mary Hellman, Martin Diesler and Ross Bleckner. After Warill’s Marilyn, the top lots were untitled by Sai Tumbley, who earned $ 21 million; Untitled by Robert Ryman, which sold for 20.1 million; And Venere Sopra Gaeta of Cy Twombly, 16.9 million.

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