Ananda agrees with Mercedes-Benz India boss about the shortage of Mahindra chips

Anand Mahindra, chairperson of the Mahindra Group and a Padma awardee, spoke in a recent tweet about a challenge that most carmakers are currently facing – a shortage of chips.

Mahindra retweeted a user’s tweet and wrote, “I mentioned this in my last tweet … this is a problem for all car manufacturers.” Users say the shortage of chips and ships has affected the global supply chain.

He also shared what Mercedes-Benz India boss Martin Schweinck had to say about it. The user wrote, “Chip shortages and ship shortages have destroyed the global supply chain. Mercedes-Benz India boss Martin Schweinck says he has sold each of their cars. There are still 5,000 car order banks and waiting lists for 2 months to 2 years. ”

While announcing the delivery of 4,022 new Mercedes-Benz vehicles to customers during the January-March 2022 period, Schwenck said their record performance in Q1 2022 is significant behind the global supply chain deficit and rising operating costs.

Schwenk said: “We are excited about our sales performance achieved in the first quarter of 2022, laying a strong foundation for long-term sales recovery. This achievement becomes significant in the context of the ever-increasing headwind, such as the semiconductor deficit, the disruption to the global supply chain, and rising input costs.

He added, “We are sincerely sorry for the delay in delivery to our customers due to the ongoing challenges in the global supply chain. Our top priority is to deliver our cherished Mercedes-Benz to our customers as soon as possible and to significantly reduce the waiting time. ”

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