Amicron infection enhances COVID-19 immunity in vaccinated individuals, research reveals

A recent study conducted by scientists at the University of Washington and Veer Biotechnology Inc. revealed that the COVID-19 infection could make vaccinated people better resistant than booster shots. The results of the study were recently published in the Preprint Server Bioarchive.

However, Alexandra Wallace, a lead scientist at the University of Washington, who authored the study, warned that people should not look for infections in response to the results.

Meanwhile, the Bioentech team argued that the data indicated that offering an omicon-adapted booster shot to people could be more beneficial than multiple, including the original vaccine.

While conducting the study, scientists analyzed blood samples from infected people, then had two or three doses of the vaccine, as well as those who took delta and omikron forms after two or three doses; Others have been vaccinated and improved, but have never been caught. Furthermore, a final group was only infected with Omicron and was never vaccinated.

“This indicates that we are at a stage where we want to consider taking a different vaccine to encourage people,” said David Whistler, an assistant professor at the University of Washington who led the study.

In addition, scientists have been able to detect antibodies in the nasal mucosa of these patients, which may help neutralize the virus as it enters their body.

In addition, Washington and Bioentech studies have looked at B cells, a type of white blood cell that can produce fresh antibodies if it detects a pathogen. Scientists at BioNTech found that those who had Omicron breakthrough infections had a wider response to these beneficial cells than those who had booster shots but did not become infected.

Other researchers who reviewed the study said the findings matched growing evidence of increased resistance to exposure to different viruses through vaccines and infections, the report said. Meanwhile, scientists have also shown widespread resistance among people affected by the delta after receiving their shots.

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