Air India has responded to a video of a woman panicking at a Delhi airport

An elderly woman panicked inside the Delhi airport after Air India refused to allow her to board her flight, her nephew complained in a video that went viral on Instagram today.

Further, his nephew further complained that the staff called for safety and kicked the heart and diabetes patient out of the airport instead of calling for medical help. Business Today could not independently verify the date or accuracy of the viral video.

In response to the incident, Air India released an official statement saying the video “reveals a misleading image of Air India being indifferent to a passenger who was seen lying at the gate.”

The video, shot on a mobile phone, was followed by an Air India comment that showed a middle-aged woman lying on the floor near the boarding gate of Delhi Airport. The woman’s relatives, who were traveling with her, complained that she was not given any immediate medical attention.

According to the Instagram post, when the woman and her family cleared the security, they told Air India staff that they would reach the boarding gate in five minutes because they had heart and diabetes patients with them. Yet, by their reckoning, the gates were closed to them.

On the same day, the woman’s son had a final examination and he fainted. According to his nephew’s account, he was told to leave the airport without offering medical help.

However, denying the reports, Air India said, “We would like to inform that for the comfort of Air India, the safety of every passenger and timely travel is of utmost importance,” adding that ” A doctor and a CISF staff member were called immediately, but the passenger began to feel better when the doctor arrived at the scene and refused any medical or wheelchair assistance. “

“Air India has always given top priority to the safety and comfort of its passengers. However, as a responsible airline, we have to adhere to the strictures laid down by our regulatory authorities and in any case, we cannot delay the flight especially when all passengers boarded. This will clear the air on the above issue, “the statement added.

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