Aditya Auto enters into a joint venture with Edcha

Aditya Auto Products and Engineering has signed a joint venture agreement with Edscha, a Bangalore-based automotive systems supplier and an international automotive supplier. Named “Edscha Aditya Automotive Systems”, JV will see two companies develop, manufacture and distribute door checks, hinge systems, parking brakes and latches.

Aditya Auto is the supplier of automotive products to most of the passenger and commercial vehicle manufacturers in India. Through this joint venture, the company gained greater access to the Indian market, enhancing its market position as well as product portfolio.

With its Chakan unit, the joint venture lays the foundation for both car-centric and direct supply of Indian car manufacturers.

Currently, Edscha, which has been part of Gestamp since 2010, represents a total of five positions in the Asian market, one in Thailand, one in Korea and three in China. Gestamp has been present in India since 2008 Today there are three trees in Gestamp – two in Pune and one in Chennai Gestamp also has a technology center in Pune and employs about 1,700 people in India.

C. Jayaraman, Founder and Vice Chairman of Aditya Auto said, “Aditya Auto’s goal is to drive mobility by increasing automotive safety, efficiency and comfort. With more than 10 manufacturing plants in all major automotive hubs in India, this joint venture will enable Aditya Auto to successfully bring new technology to our customers in India. “

He added, “Edscha is an experienced and strong partner and this partnership will enable and produce outstanding quality at high volume. To the best of our ability, the new joint venture has all the prerequisites for working successfully in the Indian market. “

Edscha CEO César Pontvianne de la Maza commented, “With this move in the Indian subcontinent we are closing a white space in our global production network. We will now work intensively on this important growth market. This includes not only advancing the development of product applications tailored specifically to the needs of this market, but also being able to build them at future market-driven prices for our local manufacturing facilities. “

Regarding the new joint venture, Pontvien de la Maza said, “With Aditya, we have an established partner on board for this, who has been working successfully in this area for a long time and who knows the market and customer demand very well. We will be “.

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