A videographic survey of the Gyanvapi mosque will begin on Saturday, officials said later

A day after a Varanasi court allowed a videographic survey to be conducted at the Gyanvapi Mosque, the Varanasi district official announced on Friday that videography inside the mosque premises would resume tomorrow, Saturday. Hearing the same matter, the Supreme Court today refused to stay the decision of the local court but listed it for an emergency hearing.

District Magistrate Kaushal Raj Sharma said that the exercise was being carried out after informing all the stakeholders to maintain peace and order. “It is up to the court-appointed commissioners to appeal to the Supreme Court. We are starting the process tomorrow, ”he said.

On Saturday, survey commissioner Ajay Kumar Mishra and the legal team representing both communities were stopped by some people from proceeding outside the mosque, adjacent to the iconic Kashi Bishwanath temple, with the court’s mandatory video survey. The local court ordered a visit after hearing a one-year plea of ​​five women seeking permission to open a mosque compound for the worship of Hindu deities behind the mosque. They also wanted access to “visible and invisible deities in the old temple complex.”

Although the Gyanbapi Mosque Committee and its lawyers oppose any videography inside the mosque, the petitioners’ lawyers claim that they have the consent of the court.

The row of mosques first gained importance in 1991 when a group of petitioners and local priests requested to enter the interior of the mosque for the worship of Hindu deities. One petitioner, Vijay Shankar Rastogi, even called for the demolition of the mosque after the demolition of a part of the iconic Kashi Bishwanath temple built by Aurangzeb in the 17th century, which was built by Maharaja Vikarmaditya about 2,050 years ago. In the back.

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